Leamcon (Hounds Leap) is a townland comprised of about 140 acres (1/2 km2) of coastal land four miles west of Schull that was home to one of Europe's most successful pirate operations of the early 1600s. Leamcon farmhouse was originally built in the 1850s, consisting of a kitchen and two bedrooms above it. The O'Regans were fisherpeople who lived nearby on West Calf Island (approx 1/4 km2) in Roaringwater Bay. They purchased Leamcon Farmhouse in the late 1800s after the land acts opened up the ownership of land. The house was extended to add a parlour and another (westerly) bedroom during the early 1900s. Recent renovations added space and light, a modern kitchen and other amenities, and maximised fantastic sea views while maintaining original features. Their great grandson, Johnny, now owns the house and two acres around it, including a track through the back field to the sheltered pier. The land around Leamcon Farmhouse is owned and farmed by Johnny's cousin.  

 Looking west to the castle

 Entrance to Leamcon House to boreen Leamcon at night  


Looking West from the house you can see Castlepoint, a Medieval Castle built by the O' Mahony clan on the site of a coastal Promontory Fort dating back to the Iron Age.  


 View of Castle from house